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"Building Our Future Together"

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My Message

Hello! My name is Leroy Ranel Jr., and it is my purpose & intent to serve as your District 1 Gwinnett County School Board Member. Budget oversight is critically important to me and making sure every cent of your tax dollars is accounted for is the foundation to provide necessary resources to our teachers, administrators, staff and students.  

My Promise

As your District 1 Board Member, I promise: 

-  To make logical decisions and develop strategies in concert with everyone based on data, statistics, metrics, trends, and analysis 

-  Earn back the trust of our teachers, our administrators, our staff, our parents, and our students 

-  Work with other county departments to address real challenges in our community necessary to keep our schools safe, our teachers teaching, and our children learning  

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Safe Schools

Everyone in our schools deserves to go to school without any fear for their safety. It is important to promote and support a safe learning environment, so that our children can learn the necessary social and economic skill sets required to succeed at the next level.

Quality Education

A quality education starts in the home. Gwinnett County has a population of nearly a million wonderful people. We live in a growing county with a bright economic future. Developments such as Rowen will serve as an anchor to District 1 and provide endless quality educational opportunities right here in our backyard.  


Children deserve to grow up in a community that supports, empowers, and makes them feel wanted. When kids receive the care and support they need, they will grow up to become reliable individuals that can contribute to our community. It is important that we work with our area park associations, churches, and county resources.  

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Schools located in District I:

  • Alcova Elementary School
  • Archer High School
  • Bay Creek Middle School
  • Cedar Hill Elementary School
  • Cooper Elementary School
  • Couch Middle School
  • Crews Middle School
  • Dacula Elementary School
  • Dacula High School
  • Dacula Middle School
  • Dyer Elementary School
  • Fort Daniel Elementary School
  • Freeman's Mill Elementary School
  • Grace Snell Middle School
  • Grayson Elementary School

  • Grayson High School
  • Harbins Elementary School
  • International Transition Center (office)*
  • Lawrenceville Elementary School
  • Lovin Elementary School
  • Magill Elementary School
  • McConnell Middle School
  • Mulberry Elementary School
  • Norton Elementary School
  • Oakland Meadow School
  • Richards Middle School
  • Rosebud Elementary School
  • Starling Elementary School
  • Trip Elementary School
  • Winn Holt Elementary School

Become a part of my support group to help me work for a better school system for the children of our community. I look forward to hearing from you!